Split w/ Blake Robicheaux Angst Machine

by Braithwaite

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Blake and I recorded this split together in his garage in the spring. We're very excited for you to hear it. Thank you for listening.

Special thanks to family, chat crew, and anyone who cares.

My songs on this split are a follow up to the demo/EP I put out before it: "today is so dreary..."


released November 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Slow Rosary Louisiana

A musical project by Rene Duplantier.

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Track Name: Tempe Town Lake (or the wash formerly known as the Salt River)
I swear that I have had enough.
There's no challenge and there's no fun so this is the last song about you that I'll write. Doesn't matter if we eventually get things right.

All these songs they sound the same. Cause we've been playing this fucked up game for two for too long.
And any material that I write is secretly written by you despite the fact that you never tried or maybe because of that.

Now I've decided that I want my book back even if we never talk again.
Scratch out my name on the plastic shot glass I used to drink water from when we were friends.
My girlfriend asked me, "do you love her?"
I said no it's not like that. It's more like I'm her brother or it would be

If she cared at all.
And if we had a mother to put our heads against the corner of the wall and tell us to behave and treat each other all the right ways.
But now I'm on to better days cause we can't behave. No we can't behave.

I'm not letting myself write more songs about you.

I'm not letting myself do this again cause once you're in babe, yeah you're all in.
And even when the songs are writing themselves you can't get out.

No matter how good they sound in my head, I'm not letting myself do this again.
Track Name: Blake Robicheaux Angst Machine - Waiting Rooms
You'll get clean when this is over,
You'll tell me again
But the reason I doubt you
Is the same reason you're here
But I'll still talk to you again before I leave
And wish you would do the same

And if you go before me,
That's alright
Because it's only relative;
how long we're alive, but until then

I'll drive across the state
To see you again
To see your skin stretched out across your frame
Kept company by the out of tune refrain
of the monitors that keep you

And if I see you in paradise
I won't know you
So I'd like to have a little
More time
Track Name: Pawns
I know that you always sit alone
I feel your indifference from my side of my unanswered phone.
I will not ask you what you want.
But I'll ask if anything new is going on.

Not really. Consciously attempting to avoid people/new relationships
of any kind. Makes things less complicated.

I see depression in your lines
I wish that in the past you had realized
That people cared about your heart
When we tried to make you talk.
I know your bills aren't very high
I know you sit in darkness when it's late at night
Even if you played me like a pawn,
I'll ask if anything new is going on.

I wish I cared that you always sit alone
Do you feel my indifference from my far off distant tone?
Would you wear your glasses if I asked you to get coffee?
Would you cook with Gabrielle if we planned to watch a movie?
Would you let me in if you were crying to yourself?
Do you ever cry about how there is no one left?
I guess I care that you're on your own.
But only cause old friends attend friend's funerals alone.
Track Name: Blake Robicheaux Angst Machine - The Word According to Luke
I know you'd like to love him more than me
I know you'd like to love him more than anything
More than we ever think we could have loved each other
and that's just fine

And I'm still not sure the reason why you left
But maybe this is why, and it's for the best
Because you weren't made for me,
But for the lord

And I see you here and there from time to time
It's not quite like it used to be, but it's alright
Because you're who you want to be
And still looking

And you're teaching; I'm learning from you
Though I miss the way we used to be, I'm grateful that you do
Because I'm finding out What I'm supposed to be
And who I am