The Eyes of the Skin

by Slow Rosary

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Thank you for ending up here. Thank you to all the friends who played on this record. Thank you to anyone who's supported this thing.

This is the first collection of songs I'm releasing under the name Slow Rosary. I've been back and forth for a couple years on how to record this. The songs were written at different points over the last four years. The collection feels somewhat like a bunch of misfits; I recorded it and pieced it together like a bunch of misfits. I eventually decided I was happy enough with these tracks, some slightly-better-than-demos, some more done. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,


released November 23, 2018

Shane Avrard - guitar on track 3
Brad Bartee - bass on tracks 1, 2, 3
Rebecca Gaspelin - synth on tracks 2, 3
Zach Lannes - guitar on tracks 1, 2; saxophone on tracks 1, 2, 5
Blake Robicheaux - drums on tracks 1, 2, 3
Matthew Wolff - piano on tracks 1, 3, 4

speaking on track 6 ripped from this video of Stanley Kunitz reading the poem by Father Gerard Manley Hopkins

Rene Duplantier - everything else

album art by Jimmy Bent and Rene Duplantier


all rights reserved



Slow Rosary Louisiana

a musical project for you

by Rene Duplantier

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Track Name: She-Lion
I was on the trail, was just a dog
Chasing down a sly and quick feline.
I pulled up my lip and then I snarled,
And then I realized you were a she-lion.
So I whimpered and started to fall back.
And you sort of ignored me like a cat.
But then you reached out your great paw
And all your pride obeyed in awe
When you let me be part of your pack

I was only just a dog.
I didn’t know what it all meant.
But one night you went swimming in the fog.
And the air was so thick that I lost your scent.

And when I lost you, you didn’t care much.
The other lions kept you company.
I couldn’t help but whine when my pads touched
The ground that used to bend below your feet.
Track Name: Cold
I just walked home through unfamiliar lands.
I just walked home with my prayer in my hands.
I felt the cold mingling with my skin.
I wish that you were here and settled in.

Take the cold off me and throw it away.
Now I know you are the one meant to stay.
New York was hungry, and New York was gray.
You are the only one who I will pray for (if you ask me to pray).

I put my eggs in a basket built with gold.
A basket that was strong enough to hold me.
I’ll put my legs in a casket built with wood
If I have to stop living for your own good.

I’ve been through floodwaters and rain.
You’re the foundation that I laid.
part of my heart it took a hit,
You held me helped me over it.
I’ll build my life on top of sand
And spend my life trynna understand.
Help me to love when you’re awake
cause I can’t sleep when I can’t see your face.
Track Name: Last Sunday
I try to read the good book then I put it away.
Every night I have to force myself to try to pray.
I pictured my best friend naked during the Agnus Dei
last Sunday. Miserere nobis.

I joke about you like I don’t need to be saved.
I put words inside your mouth, what I hope you’d speak today.
And I couldn’t stop talking about whatever rumors I could say
last Sunday. Miserere nobis.

You showed me a vision of myself and my son and my wife and
then you took it away. Miserere nobis.
I thought that I had found the one and then it didn’t go that way.
Miserere nobis.
And now I have to force myself not to just pray all day every day.
Miserere nobis.

Lamb of God, Lamb of God, grant us peace.
Agnus Dei, miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, grant us piece.
Track Name: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
It’s 4:30. I do nothing loudly.
I despise the sunrise. I am weak without
You in my reach. I do nothing loudly.
Even in the daytime, I do nothing, lonely.

Now I can’t make things seem alright to you
If they’re not
And I can’t make things right like I used to
Because I’m not alright

Every time I enter church
It is peaceful like a hearse.
I do nothing loudly.
I do everything alone.
I am keeping my mind
Off of things I hadn’t tried
Before the driver pulled over
And left our bodies on the side.

Every day I think I look more like Jesus Christ
The one who died after his wine,
Not the one who came back to life.
Every day I think you look more like Jesus Christ
The one who suffered for our lives,
The one with stab wounds in his side.

I can only hope that in three days
We will wake up in the late night
And stick our fingers in each other’s sides
And know it’ll be alright
I can only hope that in three days
We will wake up in the late night
With our fingers in each other’s sides,
We’ll know it’ll be alright.
Track Name: God, I tried.
God, I tried.
God, I know you saw me with a thousand pairs of eyes,
Maybe more. You could count them much quicker than I,
But God, we both know that I tried.
So why’d you plan
That my cross would be made of feeling like I didn’t do all that I can
Or could’ve done?
But God, we both know I didn’t try to run.

Please can I
Stop choosing anything? I’ll let you decide.
Just keep me fed. Just keep me alive,
Or don’t. If I can be with you, I’ll die
A hundred times.
And if you made her feel better, I’d cry and cry and cry.
Even if I’d never hear from you or her again,
Well I, I’d be alright.

She took the cold,
But you took it and gave it back to me. It’s mine to hold.
And now I pray for mostly me for fifty prayers or so
And for her for twenty or ten more.
Just three days.
You went to hell and came right back and then we all were saved.
It seems so easy when I hear it or when I read the page.
Why can’t I feel right for just one day?

God, I tried
To be who I thought you’d want me to be. Can you decide
What I do with the next couple of hours of my life?
For this second, I’ll just shut my eyes.
Track Name: God's Grandeur (Hopkins)
a poem by Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins

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